The purpose of this document is to inform the resumption plan
focusing on the human right to health and establishing measures
necessary prevention, mitigation and control against COVID-19, for the start of
activities after the end of the emergency period.

POLO SERVICE SAC with commercial name APART HOTEL EL POLO develops the
lodging services, restaurant, laundry, located Av. La Encalada 1515
Santiago de Surco, Province of Lima, an Internal Committee has been formed, for the
implementation and execution of requirements to align health protocols
arranged by the government, ensuring that workers comply with the measures of
prevention established in all procedures that are applied to our staff
command line, collaborators, contractors and their families

Policy of services to be provided
Front of the House

a) Public Areas:
● Gel alcohol dispensers were installed in key areas and some floors of the hotel.
● The spa and gym are kept closed until the health authorities
recommend opening these.
● In the event that the client and / or guest does not have a mask when entering the
hotel, the staff will provide you with one.

b) Front Desk:
● Transparent sheets were implemented in the front desk pods.
● Markings were placed on the floor in the front desk area in order to respect the
social distance (2 mt).
● When assigning rooms to guests, it should be considered that there are no
Adjoining rooms occupied, if possible.
● During check-in, the hours in which he will be out of
your room so that the staff can perform the cleaning service. Once he
guest is in their room, the coordinated schedule will be confirmed. In case the guest
If you want to modify this schedule, you must previously coordinate with Reception.
● During check-in, guests' bags must be disinfected
atomizing them with the substances indicated by the WHO and the RM-080-2020 MINCETUR.

c) Housekeeping:
● All non-essential amenities such as newspapers, magazines, pillows must be removed
decorative, flowers, pens, papers, etc.
● The housekeeping service will be carried out with a frequency of 2 times a week. Likewise,
In order that the guests do not have contact and avoid crowds, the
following measures:
▪ The cleaning of rooms will only be carried out at times coordinated with the guest,
according to what was mentioned above.
▪ The guest must be provided with sufficient waste bags, towels and amenities
for the room (shampoo, conditioner, toilet paper, gel alcohol,
masks, etc.), with the aim of reducing the replacement of these.
▪ All special requests from guests must be delivered to the
door of your room, by car and at least 1 meter away.
▪ All waste generated in the room during the day will be collected at the end of
This, at the times established by the operation.
▪ Masks, alcohol gel and disinfecting wipes will be placed as amenities of the
▪ Information booklets were placed to reinforce the measures we are taking to
prevent the spread of the virus in the hotel.

d) Food & Beverage:
● Avoid having exposed materials on surfaces such as newspapers, coasters,
centerpieces, retail products, etc.
● The capacity has been reduced by 50%, in order to facilitate compliance with the
compulsory social distance (1 mt).
● Table setting should only be done when the guest is seated.
● In case you have exposed foods that do not have individual packaging such as
Biscuits, brownies, etc., or fruit without peel, must be removed to avoid contamination of
● Condiments must be delivered in individual envelopes (salt, pepper, sugar, etc.)
and on demand.
● In bars, all the decorative elements of cocktails, spices, fruits, etc., remain
suspended from use.
● The use of disposable gloves and masks by clients and / or guests will be
mandatory throughout the operation.
● The buffet service will not be offered.